Some things I like about e-cigarettes from White Cloud


white cloud disposable

Recently, I made the decision to switch to e-cigarettes, and the transition was a lot smoother than I had expected. Having tried many products to quit smoking without much success, I was not very optimistic but decided to give e-cigarettes a try. I am very glad I did. Below, I will talk in some depth about why I believe I was successful in quitting smoking, and what I like the most about the e-cigarettes I purchased from a company called White Cloud.


First off, it's important to realize that e-cigarettes deliver nicotine just like regular cigarettes. And as you probably know, nicotine is the reason cigarettes are so difficult to quit. It is a highly addictive drug, and because of this, you may first believe that switching to e-cigarettes won't be any improvement. This is in fact not true. While you will still get nicotine from e-cigarettes, you will not get the other bad things in regular cigarettes. This includes thousands of chemicals and carcinogens, not to mention carbon monoxide and tar. So on the whole, even with the nicotine, e-cigarettes are a lot better for you. And it bears mentioning that nicotine, while highly addictive, is not by itself such a terrible drug. It is a stimulant that may raise blood pressure, etc., but it's not quite as bad as many people believe.


Once I learned these things, I went ahead and ordered e-cigarettes from a company called White Cloud. I chose this company because it seemed to have a good reputation and the price was pretty reasonable. I used a White Cloud coupon to order e-cigarettes at a slighly reduced pricing as well. Also, the e-cigarettes looked like actual cigarettes, which I prefer over using the large versions that many people seem fond of carrying. Puffing on e-cigarettes is suprisingly similar to the sensation of smoking. Instead of smoke, however, you end up exhaling vapor which stinks less and is generally quite aromatic and pleasant. And that's yet another reason I like e-cigarettes. You can say goodbye to stinking up your house, car, or clothes.