Printers may replace printing services some day


Printers get more and more sophisticated each year. If you think about it, the idea of printing your own photos was not even conceivable a couple decades ago. Today, printing color photos is commonplace. Moreover, much of the images, etc. that used to be displayed in print have fast made their way to the digital world. This has on the whole been a positive trend, as it has resulted in the use of less paper and ink.



So does that mean the printing industry is marching toward its demise? Not so fast. Even in today's paperless society, there are still basic needs for paper products, such as postcards, business cards, and the like. So it's unlikely for the foreseeable future that printing will become completely antiquated. But will printing services be used less and less? This will almost certainly be so.


The reason for this is two-fold in my opinion. First, as we already mentioned, people are using paperless solutions more and more, making it unnecessary for them to hired traditional professional printing services. Second, as printers improve, people are finding that they can do much of the printing on their own. This is especially true for things like flyers and business card. And it's not just that printers have improved in quality. They have also become a lot cheaper. This is true of ink as well, as many discount ink sellers like Inkfarm have pressured prices to go lower. Moreover, many such stores also offer Inkfarm coupons or other great deals that allow its visitors to get a good bargain.


With all that said, here is my prediction: Printing services will not go extinct just yet. There are probably still several years to a decade or more before we don't see much of them anymore. This trend will be propelled by improvements in printer technology as well as the movement of societies to more paperless business solutions.