A Review of Printer Brands and Printed Products

canon printerEarlier, I talked a bit about saving money onĀ ink and printing costs. In this post, I’ll be reviewing some of the most popular printer brands, and also show you how to buy great checking products or professional printing services from great companies like Deluxe.


If you’re in the market for buying a new printer, you may find that the sheer number of choices you have can make your head spin. Today, there are literally hundreds of printers to choose from, and for the casual consumer, the wide assortment of choices can frankly be overwhelming. First and foremost, you’ll need to decide whether you want to purchase an inkjet or a laser printer. Once that choice is made, one of the best ways to narrow down the models you take a look at is by brand. Naturally, it is important for you to know what the top brands are for printers. We will go over some of them below.


Hewlett Packard
HP has long been known for its printers, and today it has a big chunk of the printer market. HP is a good choice for inkjet printers and they offer a good selection of affordably priced printers. Some places where you can obtain HP printers are Office Depot, Best Buy, and Staples. You can also get some good prices online, but remember to factor in the cost of shipping.

Although it was originally a camera company, Canon has branched off into the printer space and done a good job of offering a great selection of printers. On the lower priced end, the Canon Pixma line is highly popular, and definitely worth a look.


Yes, Dell makes printers, not just computers, and while we aren’t too crazy about their inkjet printers, their laser printers are very high quality while still being affordable. They are a great choice for professional or home office use, especially if you need to print lots of documents in short order.


Before you purchase your printer, one thing you absolutely must do is research how much replacement cartridges cost. Many people overlook this step and it can cost you later. Even if a printer is slightly more expensive, if the ink costs is much lower, it might end up being the more economical choice.


Once you have your printer, you’ll need to decide where to buy products like checks and envelopes. One important thing to keep in mind is that the checks or other printed products you order are compatible with both your printer and any software you are using. I like to use Deluxe Checks, since they have a great online shop that allows you to sort the products according to the software program you use for accounting. They also have a promo code you can use to get some nice discounts on your order. You can get the most current Deluxe promo codes fromĀ business-reviews.com, a prominent business site.


Should you require professional printing services for things like brochures or posters, I again recommend using an online print shop. Vistaprint is a well-known company you can’t go wrong with. But there are plenty of other choices, and you might want to do a bit of research and obtain sample kits before choosing a printing service.