Gimme A Reason

Gimme A Reason why the world is filled with sadness and sorrow,
I can only imagine known that your child might be dead tomorrow,
From lack of food or diseases like aids,
Very little is done and so little are saved,
If every government pulled together to help in every way,
There’d be less people dying in Africa every single day,
But the greedy get richer, don’t look at the big picture,
Sit in a warm office and upgrade their bank figures,
On home soil, while kids are walking the streets, far from discreet, 
never knowin where their gonna sleep, or when they might eat,
and whats fucked up is,
all of this is completely normal to all of these kids,
a fella aged 12 killed himself tonight,
cuz he uncle liked to touch him and say it was alright,
Gimme a reason cuz me heads about to crack,
I talk to danny every day but now he doesn’t talk back

Looking over this worlds history, harsh stories of injustice,
Mans will corrupted amkes it hard for our own god to even trust us,
Genocides with innocent people being butchered,
This world is a place where billions of souls have experienced life and suffered,
Realising how our society was structured,
Europeans took over the whole world and lay waste to some beautiful cultures,
Dwelling on it all try’na understand the basics,
Why theres so much racists spreading hatred, rapists stripping women naked,
The righteous people being shackled with metal bracelets,
Life the most beautiful thing in existence is idlying being wasted,
Gets too much some times for me mind to take it,
Return to me higher form so i can see it on a universal basis,
Ya think we do this music to be famous,
Our main objective is to be effective and try to bring about some changes,
With all the shit thats going on no wonder people aethiest,
But thats what gives me a reason to try and replace the faith in yiz

Gimme a reason why these people are screaming, 
In agony cuz their bleeding just because what they believe in,
Whether its allah or jesus, while diseases increasing,
Over the needles their fiending people need pieces to sleep with,
So much misery creeping, they say imprisonment weakens,
The broken syallbles deepen, for the kids that need treatment,
Cuz their sick a been beating, nightmares overpower their dreaming,
Some grab a rope for their last hour of breathing,
I blame the ones who are leading for leaving our own on the streets,
Hungry and freezing, now the currencys needed,
Recession plummeting people,
Were the lower class they don’t give a fuck how were feeling,
drugs have to come from somewhere for the smugglers to deal it,
Newspapers pubhlishing tragedys, more or less punishing families,
Just to supplement caualties, just the worlds fucked up mentality,
Having me stuck in a fucking fantasy

I try and come to some sort of realisation,
Truth is devastating its hard to find something to keep your faith in,
Some people think they own the streets, others have their own beliefs,
Do i have to blow meself to pieces for you to notice me,
So much evil in the world i wonder where the fucks the good,
Then again i couldn’t care less wonder if i even should,
They say to keep me faith in god would ya stop,
I lost that when they start putting perverts in the confession box,
I see some of the boys i used to be getting fed with,
Smoking spliffs at the back of the sheds and breaking heads with,
And they don’t even recognise me now i’m like a stranger,
Still debating on whether to give em that score til later,
Its helping em to his grave sure,
The boys had 2 choices smoke the dirty shit or sell it end up doing it major,
Reality at times would make you sick to your stomach, 
humanity be wiped out with just the push of a button, 
Gimme A Reason

Street Literature
Products of the Environment

If you grow up in Dublin
There in a Working class situation
the only way your gonna get out of the world
is three things really
your either gonna be (ya know)
a professional boxer, professional football player
or ya get into music

Never forget where were coming from
it's only common sense
were products of the environment which we represent
Ya have to keep it real
for this world to acknowledge you
and Dublin is the place that were paying homage to

Its the place of high rises, where hoods are disguises
and crime hypnotizes young teens til their blinded
me friends passed on and me life was decided
watched others mistakes and it helped me avoid them
growing up in a three bedroomed house in an estate
broke alot of spirits but it helped me shape
who i am cuz of what i was, fought what seemed a lost cause
never give up when me backs against the wall
survival of the strong minded when times grinded me down
music was the voice that helped turn it around
lads that seemed sound, ended up on the brown
glare into their eyes but theres no soul ta be found
where kids with both parents are the odd ones out
a lot were raised by their ma in a corpo house
its not thought about, we accept what were livin through
Ballymun is the place that i'm paying homage to

I start striving with this Hiphop as a kid
back when we used ta be drinking cans down at the shanty bridge
way I seen it i was just writing bout what when on were i lived
all the local residents were disliked by all of the pigs
and I can see why cuz we were been influenced by crime
going round with flathead screwdrivers and fleecing car signs
watching the robbed cars down at the hollywood stretch
have someone stand up on the muckhills just ta be keepin sketch
me and me mates were discussing who'd be flashing the cars best
they'd be given it death and then burn it out when its wrecked
youngfellas running wild not even caring about their future
ending up in prison strung out as another drug abuser
criminal empires with people wanting to be ruler
got these loopers paranoid 
creeping round the streets carrying shooters
its no rumour cuz its the same all over Dublin,
whether Blanch, Finglas, Ballymun, Tallaght, Clondalkin ta Crumlin.

Never forget where were coming from
it's only common sense
were products of the environment which we represent
Ya have to keep it real
for this world to acknowledge you
and Dublin is the place that were paying homage to

I’m not just reppin it for me lads, I couldn’t give a rats arse,
believe that yiz retards, I’m in the streets of working class
Where the situation’s drastic, it’s fucking mad shit
The young fellas are runnin’ around with guns
as if they were made of plastic
It’s mad isn’t it? I didn’t think I’d see half of them lastin’
rubber and sniffed ouvit
The paro has them blastin’ each other into an early casket
I’ve seen it all before,
the prospect of makin’ the money quick will lead to street wars
And half of them don’t even live long enough for exams,
Cause the only mathematics they know is measuring grams
Get the picture? By any means necessary to accumulate the figures,
The boys study the bible of street literature
Contantly looking over your shoulder they’re tryna get to you
If it’s not the fuckin’ law it’s the next thug lookin’ to settle it.
There’s nothin’ there for the kids that’s livin’in the council settlements
They say – “there’s work to be done”, but I’ve yet to see the evidence.

I'm from the place were the dicks keep harassing
the pricks keep on asking, how this place is lasting
when fellas keep on blasting til bodies hit the caskets
running up with masks hitting everything that passes
the enemies their laughing, the families their departing
the wars only starting to see whos the hardest
regarding the heartless, the blood thirst is parching
the empty plates are starving not knowing who its harming
armed up like sergeants, the swords start ta carving
when lads start ta gargling, blades fucking sparkling
the cars start ta parking, looking for a bargain
then lookin for a target so they can rip apart it
no begging for your pardon, just fucking start the marching
get goin on your toes running around the block
before their busting around the shots
while your sucking around the cocks
I'll be fucking around with mots
don't expect this shit ta stop

Never forget where were coming from
it's only common sense
were products of the environment which we represent
Ya have to keep it real
for this world to acknowledge you
and Dublin is the place that were paying homage to

Music N Crime
Its like me life split into 2 sections,
Instead of making drug investments, i took music as a preference,
Took the right turn the right direction,
Fuck chopping white stuff i think i’ll just write stuff,
Play the cards with a nice bluff, seen some nice muff in New York,
Shit you should see how long the flight took,
I let the mic bust, til the mic rust,
If i hada taken that left me lifes fucked,
Probably would a been in tight cuffs taken couple right hooks,
Off a tight slut not polite but... fuck it,
I got the opportunity to dodge snelling sniff so i took it,
This music i love it, teaching the ways of street literature to all the crooked,
Put it however way ya wanna put it, this is the way we goin run it,
Educating up and comings on the route they should be running,
Make your choice its crime to the left music to the right

I made a choice in this life of mine,
Picked the right road between music and crime,
Instead of snorting coins i’m writing rhymes,
Tell it how i see it and enlighten minds

4Real and Lunitic
Ya know me mister Q-T keeping low key,
Get the cunts that owe me thinking they get the blow free, (4Real)

Ya must be joking, fuck 3 skins,
A book of rhymes i be toking, leaving the mic smoking,
Banging out bars and keys legitamitaly,
I just speak me mind and then i put it on cd (Lunitic)

You spit bars thats cool well i deliever them, 
Making paper cut out the middleman, no equivilant,
I rap halves and ounces at a time,
While the addicts que up at the blocks in a line (4Real)

Selling or buying were all running outta time,
Each man to his own once we learn to survive (Lunitic)

Til i fucking die have to learn to duck and dive,
Watch the time fly, fuck making ends meet i’m try’na stay alive (4Real)

Books put aside ya can keep that bolux,
Were thought on the blocks so were speakin street knowledge

We be providing a bit’a street literature for the listener,
Concsious while analyzing concentrating on uplifting a
Whole generation through rhyming the ones who be feeling sicka
Livin a life where the system has em trapped as a prisoner,
In hindsight our situations seem similar,
The countrys falling apart with the work of the taoiseach and all the ministers,
Through the nieghborhoods theres a hunger for blood,
Fellas kitted up with guns and gloves as they speculate something sinister,
Only 3 outcomes for that standard of living,
Either be rich, locked up in prison or a victim of a killing,
When i was young i made the decision 
between being a criminal and a musician Focusing on something different,
street poetics give us credit for the way that we set it,
us youngfellas got the message spreaded for all yiz to cherish